Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bye bye Subramani !!!

Today Subramani left Chennai to his native. After few days he wl be joining his new job. Paasakkara nanbargal went upto tambaram to send him off. Really good friends they are !!!

Abdul's Farewell

This happens to be a month of farewell, and parties.

Second part of Subramanian's Party

We went to Blueberry Icecreams after the dinner at Hotel Sangeetha, as a part of the second phase of Subramanian's party.

Myself and Mahendran @ Blueberry

A closeup view

Monday, March 12, 2007

Subramanian Farewell

Subramanian with Rangarajan and Mahendran

Siva and Yogesh

Isamil, Prabakaran, Abdul, Rajesh, Prof. Prasad, Subramanian, Ranga and Mahe.

Me with Thiru

Thiru, Reddy and Chinna Babu

Sujatha, Dhanalakshmi, Siva and Yogesh

Manoj's Farewell party

Date : 08.03.07
Venue: Rathna Cafe, Velachery

Ramakumar, Me and Prof. Prasad

Monoj and Subramanian

Siva and Prof. Prasad

Dosai with Abdul, Reddy and Siva

Dosai again with Ismail, Prabakaran and Rajseh

The Group

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wanna see my other stills???

INAE Conference

Venue : IC & SR Auditorium

Prof. Natarajan [Left], Ex-Director, IIT Madras with professors from foreign Universities.

Mahendran - showing his multiple faces :) (!??)

Friends from flud mechanics lab - Sekarapandian

INAE Conference on International Engineering Education

Dinner at TAJ Coromandal
Date : 02.03.2007

Prof. Julia King [Left], VC - Aston University with delegates of the conference

Prof. Narayanan, Prof. Ramakrishnan and Prof. Govardhan @ Taj Coramandal

Prof. Ananth, Director, IIT Madras with Prof. Inderasenan, Ex-Director, IIT Madras

Myself @ Taj

Mahendran @ Taj

Triggering the party @ Taj

Ashok, Anish and Ramakrishna @ Taj

Foreign delegates @ Taj - Conference Banquet Dinner