Saturday, February 17, 2007

The second day of the function at Trichendur

'Hair Offereing' ceremony was held on 25.11.2006.

Actually i should have posted this blog first so that it could have been coherent... okay.... its done already.

U have to take it as it was posted... no way to escape.... :)

How beautiful Dhananjay is after having his head shaved.... :)

Yet another family group photo... still some body is missing ..

Me, Uma and Dhananjay with our Princess

On the way to Our family god.. (We call 'Sastha') temple... a place close to Trichendur..

Looking great with the shiny head :)

The same day of the function ...

The same day (24.11.2006) evening we have regiestered for pulling the golden chariot of Lord Subramnya.
Another one Misfired....

With grandma...

Hey siva... y u r trying to go back in TIME... atleast leave Dhananjay here ya...

Chariot (Digital camera)

Our Family in front of Golden Chariot of Trichendur Lord Subramanya

Chariot (Optical Camera)

Princess of our family

Trying to run out form my grandma

Dhananjay's First Birthday Function

According to the zodiac sign of my son, the first birthday falls on last 24.11.2006. It was a special day for me in many ways :) ;)

We were in Trichendur to say our prayers to Lord Subramaniya, who i bileive has played a vital role in my life career. We have promised to offer my son's hair to him. So we are there, on 23rd night and have booked a 'mandap' there for two and half days.

First Day : 24.11.2006

We woke up early morning, 3.30 a.m. or so, (this will be the time, i used to go bed, if i were in IIT Madras... till that time we used to work in the lab).

Went to have swami darshan. We had a very good swami darshan this time, and for me personally this is the first time in my life, i was so close to 'Karpagraham'.

Then in the mandap, we conducted "Aayush Homam" for Dhananjay's health and long life. Here are some snap shots of it.

Dhananjay with my uncle's (Durai mama) daughter Veni

Getting geared up for the pooja...

The complete Man (Kid... perhaps)

The best cameraman i know in the world... he he.. its my bro Siva who took all these snaps. Misfired here ...

Dhananjay in all smiles.... without knowing that he is going to lose his hair tomorrow

We ... fully exhasted after 2.5 hrs of Pooja

Dharpanam in the "Homa kund"


Wishing Dhananjay ...

With my father and mother

Monday, February 12, 2007

When we were in Krishnapuram, Tenkasi before going to Trichendur (Dec 2006)

Dhananjay in all smiles :)

We went to my wife's family temple at Sithur.

Dhanji feeling the heat of the temple floor.

In the garden of our relative house. Full of greens... as the area is nearer to "Courtralam" - the famous Waterfalls in South Tamil Nadu

Grandma d Grandpa (Our relatives)

Kuttu playing in Grandpa's home

Dhananjay First BDay Photos

As per English calendar Dhananjay's Date of Birth is December 4th.
so we have planned a small function at our IIT Madras Taramani guest House on Dec. 4th 2006.
Waiting to Cut Cake !!!

Friends at the party

Jayabal "anna" with family

Hey... where are u looking !!